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Beginning with Bitcoin in 2009 and followed by Ethereum in 2015, cryptocurrencies have given something to the world that never existed before:

  1. The ability to transfer value at a distance without a central operator
  2. Cryptoeconomics that allow a network to grow, gain users, and secure itself autonomously
  3. The ability to directly monetize network effects
  4. Development of globally accessible and interoperable applications with just a few lines of code
  5. Programmable public infrastructure where operating costs are externalized to miners and validators

Individually, each of these concepts is powerful and valuable. But taken together they are fundamentally transformational and present a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity in the space known as "crypto" or "web3".

Toro Lobo specializes in Web 3 as a high performance node operator, investment principal across the ecosystem and as a valued advisor to those with significant capital to deploy seeking to navigate this space.

Contact: torolobocapital@gmail.com

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